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a) Could it be that two words have been erroneously misplaced in the CD-Rom program?
   Indeed in the CD-Rom program of the picturedictionary the words Waagerecht and Senkrecht were wrongly 
   placed. They should have been placed vice-versa.

b) The included DVD, VCD, CD seems not to function
   It is explicitly a CD-Rom as advertised. Therefore, it can only be used in Computers / MACs and no 
   other playback devices. They may, because of heavyness and screening print on the CD-Rom, not be
   able to be read on all computers with finely calibrated CD-Rom drives. 
   Before lodge a complaint, please try again with other computers.
c) Has there ever been another edition in a different format size with minor mistakes?
   Yes, the first printed edition did include some minor mistakes such as wrong numbering on two pages 
   and some minor spelling mistakes in the phonetic translation.
   Mistakes have been corrected and are no longer applicable for the second edition.