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Travel all over Thailand – educational board game

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About our educational card/board game "Travel all over Thailand"
* Excellent and awarded -Honorary Award of the National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT).
* Cultural-valuable, evaluation by the Thai Culture Department.
* In schools: suitable from 4th grade up, evaluation of the Thai Ministry of Education.
* Proven no gambling, statement of the Thai Excise Department.
* Useful asset for the tourism industry (tourguides, tourists ...)
 -Prince of Songkhla University, Phuket Campus
 -Hotel Training Institute - Beluga School for Life, Phang Nga
* Supported by the Tourism Authority of Thailand. 

* The game manual is held in the following languages: English, German, French, Thai, Swedish, 
  Russian and Spanish.

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 What makes it so special?
* Thais and foreigners are offered detailed information of the Thai provinces and its sights and their location.
* Playfully learning geography, English, math basics and strategy.
* Promotes social behavior.
* An instructive easy to understand and fun-making game for the whole family, school and a must for anyone 
  traveling through Thailand.
* You are a fan of Thailand / Thai-fan for a long time already? Then you should not miss our game!
* Ideal for telling locals the sights you want to visit.
* Suitable as a souvenir and gift.
* Insider's tip
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