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German Thai Picturedictionary with CD-Rom

German - Thai picturedictionary Deutsch das Wichtigste with CD-Rom –> Click pictures for preview <--

(filesize 711kb)

ISBN: 978-974-7002-68-3

About the German Thai picturedictionary incl. CD-Rom
-The program is easily installed within 3 minutes. 
-Easy handling via "click and play" using the mouse. 
-More then 1800 words of german active vocabulary for everyday use.
-All illustrations are taken out of the daily thailife and routine. 
-Click on the words and they will be pronounced in german as well as in thai.
-Small previews of the upcoming pages.
-The interactive book can be pageflipped like a real book. 
-Verbs are highlighted in red, easing new learners their finding.
-Things which belong to the topic, but which are not on the page
 are marked with a green star. 
-Illustrations as well as the word are highlighted and enlarged on 
–> To order this German Thai picturedictionary incl. CD-Rom Click here         Attention: enlarging the pictures might not work in Explorer!!